This is a new blog to chronicle the ongoing development of Feedwhip.

Here’s a few quick bullets to get you up to speed:

  • Feedwhip is a free, web-based service that detects changes to other web pages. It then sends you an email or generates an RSS feed based on those changes.
  • Feedwhip is run by yours truly, Steve Leroux. I’m an at-home Dad with a 9-month-old daughter and I work on Feedwhip between diaper changes and bottle feedings. I’m also a professional software engineer with more than 10 years experience developing for Windows, Unix, and the Web.
  • Feedwhip is a little more than a year old right now.
  • Feedwhip is hosted on three Fedora Core 4 servers in my basement. The code is written in PHP 5 and I’m using MySQL for the database. Apache 2 serves the pages.
  • Feedwhip is written using the Blender framework, which you’ve never heard of because I made it from scratch. It is a PHP-based MVC framework which borrows many ideas from Ruby’s Rails framework. If I ever get enough spare time, I’d love to clean up the code and release Blender as an open-source project. Odds of me getting enough spare time are fairly small.