Here’s how the past two days have gone:

  • I want to monitor network bandwidth so I’d like to install Cacti.
  • Cacti segfaults when I try to view its install page. The reported solution is to upgrade to PHP 5.2.
  • I’m running FC4, which is now unsupported so no new packages are available for it.
  • I need to upgrade to FC5. This isn’t working. I am stuck in dependency hell.

If this doesn’t mean anything to you, then suffice it to say that I spent the past two days working very hard and not getting anything done. I’m tempted to just take one of Feedwhip’s servers offline and start from scratch.

Update: 3pm
I think I’ve finally got things straightened out:

  1. I had downloaded and installed FC5 before updating the kernel
  2. That led to all kinds of dependency brokenness
  3. Then I messed up my yum repository information
  4. Then I tried uninstalling the FC5 RPM, and that made my $releasever environment variable go away

So, to fix things I went back and cleaned up my yum repositories, and pointed them by hand to the FC4 directories. Then I did a “yum upgrade kernel” and that ran with no dependencies. Now I’m running a general “yum upgrade”, and that’s going to take many hours because it’s upgrading just about everything. Next up (later tonight) I’ll go back to #1, above, and see if it’ll finally work.