You can now specify one of four different kinds of emails for your Feedwhip notifications. They are:

  1. Just an alert. The subject tells you the name of the feed that changed, and the email body contains just a link to the Feedwhip page with all the changes. This email format is perfect for sending as a text message if you’ve got an email-to-SMS gateway for your mobile phone.
  2. Just titles. Only the titles for the changes are sent, with links to the full changes back on Feedwhip.
  3. Short descriptions. Both titles and a truncated version of the change are sent. This is perfect if you typically scan through a list of changes looking for something specific.
  4. Full descriptions. Titles and the complete text of the change are included in the email.

The default is “short descriptions”, but it’s easy to change to whatever you like. First of all, there’s a default delivery type for each of your email addresses. Just click on the “account settings” link to set it up.

It’s also possible to handle one feed differently from all the others. Click on the “delivery” link when you’re looking at a feed’s page, and you’ll be able to specify delivery options just for that one feed.

As always, I’d love to hear what you think of this change.