Feedwhip has finally been kicked out of its parents’ basement and has a nice new home right on the beach. The raw server from ServerBeach was nicely pre-configured with just what I needed, and setting up Feedwhip code was only slightly painful. The server has now been running happily for an hour or so and so far, so good. Mail might still be a little screwy, but we’ll see…

Moving the complete database over the ADSL line would have taken forever, so I didn’t copy any feed histories to the new server. Any website changes which occurred between around 11am and 4pm pacific time today will not have been noticed. Every feed now has a fresh snapshot, though, and you should start getting notifications and RSS updates as they happen.

Hopefully everyone will notice a big improvement in the performance of the website. If you do (or if you don’t) I’d love to hear about it.