I’m happy to announce that I’ll be joining the incredibly talented team over at Picnik on Monday. Picnik makes an outstanding online photo editor that towers over its competition and is an amazing example of just how good web applications can be. Walt Mossberg agrees.

FWIW, Picnik hit just about every workplace criterion I was looking for (see my blog post about jobs).

I am really, really excited to be joining Picnik’s team. Working from home for the past three years has been wonderful, but lately I feel like I’ve started to stagnate. It’s time to reboot my career.

For all you Feedwhip fans out there, don’t worry: it isn’t going anywhere. Not away, and, unfortunately, for the time being, not forward. I’ll be spending the next few days setting up a hosted server, and then I’ll be spending minimal time on Feedwhip for at least the next few months while I get settled into my new job. Things will probably be quiet on this blog, too. Every now and then, though, I might come across a few spare hours to throw in some of your most-requested features.

In the meantime, I’ll see you over at Picnik!