I dropped in support for automatic tagging yesterday. Or was that the day before? Anyway, the code automatically looks for interesting words and tags feeds based on what is in them. It’s a good first try, not bad for a day of work, but it could use some improvement.

User-specified tags are pretty much done as well, but not launched yet. I need to figure out a way to integrate the two tagging systems.

The goal behind the tagging system is to make it easier for people to find existing feeds related to what they’re looking for. And, honestly, the goal behind THAT is to drive more page views which may one day generate more ad revenue. I ain’t running a charity here. 🙂

I’ll be pounding out a bunch of new changes over the next few weeks, and then things will come to a grinding halt. I’m going to work for Picnik later this month, and that won’t leave much time for this little hobby of mine. I’ll have more to say about Picnik in a later post.