A new filter option has been added to the filter drop-down: “Try to split changes into individual blog posts.” This option is on by default.

Normally, Feedwhip examines the content of a change and divides it into individual blog entries. Feedwhip’s algorithms are pretty darn smart about this and work really well for blogs. But if you’re not whipping a blog, then you probably don’t want this artificial splitting to be applied to your changes. So now, there’s an option to turn splitting off if you want.

A single snapshot might still generate multiple changes if those changes are separated by more than a few lines on the page. So, a change at the top and a change at the bottom will show up as two changes — even if they were noticed at the same time.

As part of this release I also cleaned up the formatting and made the filtering code a bit smarter about not showing changes you’re not interested in.

As always, your feedback guides the development process. Let me know what you think!