It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but that’s generally a good thing — it means I’ve got my head down, working on a new release. I’m just about done with my latest round of changes and I think everybody’s going to love this update.

First of all, I’ve completely rewritten the change splitting code. This is the algorithm that takes a single change to a blog and breaks it up into individual blog posts, and it’s what makes Feedwhip so special. Feedwhip is the only service of its kind (that I know of) that is able to generate RSS feeds for any web page without any configuration. With this release, the change splitter is more accurate and less likely to pick the wrong line to start a change.

The other big update is to the way changes are displayed. Small changes will be presented inline and more context is presented around each change. This will help you to know what you’re looking at when an item is changed. If you’ve whipped one of those pesky Terms of Service pages, now you’ll see exactly what words are being modified in the paragraph.

Put together, these two changes amount to a big improvement to Feedwhip’s most important feature: showing people what’s changed. I’m doing my final round of testing this afternoon, and if things go well I’ll be releasing really soon now!