I hope you enjoyed your holidays. In addition to a wonderful time spent with my family, I immersed myself in my annual week-long video game binge. This year’s choice was Age of Empires III, which was enjoyable — if a little bit too similar to AoE I and II.

With gaming out of my system for the next twelve months (more or less), it’s back to work on Feedwhip. 2007 is only a few days old but we’ve already managed to push some good updates to Feedwhip’s servers, which I’ll talk about in subsequent posts.

2007 should be an interesting year for Feedwhip. In addition to all the exciting new features I’ve got planned, the continued growth in our user base (which is great — keep spreading the word!) also means that at some point we’re going to have to make some big changes to accommodate all those feeds. Moving to a colo? Charging for premium accounts? Donations? Trying to wring a few more pennies out of Google ads?

I’m not sure what changes we’ll make, if any, or when, if ever. But I’ll be sure to give plenty of notice before making any major philosophical changes to Feedwhip.

Have an wonderful New Year!