In order to make Feedwhip as easy to use as possible, way back in 2006 I created something known as a weak account. Weak accounts are created whenever a user subscribes to a feed without first signing up. Although this lowers the barrier to usage, it does create a few headaches because users are then stuck in a halfway world where they have accounts, but can’t properly login to access them.

This is now changed! Weak accounts are no longer created when you subscribe without signing up. Instead, we create a password for you and mail it to you. This had the added benefit of meaning that an account is self-verifying, because you can’t login unless you’ve got the password which was sent to your email address. Users can still sign up directly if they want to, since it just makes sense (to me) to always have a “sign up” link.

As a tiny little aside, please note that all the automatic passwords are generated as “pseudo-words” with alternating consonants and vowels so that they’re much easier to type.