A call to Qwest this morning confirmed that they had indeed set my bandwidth limit too low when they didn’t fix my line which they insist was never broken in the first place. Anyway, we’re now correctly set at the higher bandwidth level.

The weird thing, though, is that the walkers (background processes which look for feeds to download, and then download them) aren’t running any faster, even with almost three times the bandwidth available. Thinking that maybe the bottleneck is at the other end of the connection (ie., the websites I’m downloading from aren’t providing me data fast enough) I tried upping the number of walkers from 6 to 16. That way, I’d be able to fill up my bandwidth by downloading from more sites simultaneously. But still, no change.

This one’s a real head-scratcher. Feedwhip’s processing capabilities are more or less maxed out, but it doesn’t appear to be a bandwidth or processing speed issue. Anyway, I’ll keep looking at the numbers (and generating more), and see if I can figure out where the bottleneck is.