As advertised, we lost power last night and are still without power today. It’s my hope that we’ll be back up and running some time today, but there’s no way to know when power will be restored.

Update: Dec. 16, 11am

Power was restored in the early afternoon yesterday, but the internet connection has been misbehaving badly ever since. Pinging external servers gives us about 30% lost packets. Qwest claims everything is working fine on their end. We’ve tried rebooting the modem and switching hubs. We’re seeing the same behavior across all servers. The walkers are running very slowly as a result of all this and notifications are delayed at best, but mostly not going out at all.

I’ve got a call in to our ISP, but it appears they don’t work weekends — not even the weekend after a major storm wipes out power to half the homes in Seattle.

Update: Dec. 17, 10pm

Nothing new to report, I’m afraid. My ISP has been unresponsive. I’m hoping they’ll have some answers when they show up for work on Monday. In the meantime, I’ve been shopping around for a new ISP.

Update: Dec. 18, 5pm

After spending the day on the line with my ISP, we’re still without an internet connection. We’ve replaced modems, hubs, and switches, called Qwest, reconfigured the modems, moved me to a whole other network, and still nothing. I’m able to ping external servers, usually losing about 20% of packets, but can’t establish any http connections. They just get stuck in a “waiting” state in the browser.

Sadly, we’ve made no progress on this problem. I can’t say when Feedwhip will be back online.