EveryDNS is Feedwhip’s DNS provider, and when they were hit by a massive DDoS last week, Feedwhip felt the effects. Mostly, we felt it because our crawlers slowed down to about a quarter of their usual speed. I suspect this is because some reverse-DNS-lookup queries were timing out and then failing, causing all the downloads to take much longer than usual.

Well, I’m seeing the same thing again today and when I try to visit everydns.net, I find their site is down. Time to move on to another DNS provider, I think. Right now we’re using EveryDNS in a “mirrored primary” configuration — they mirror the configuration on our local DNS server, and I point the master name servers up to them. The idea is that they can continue providing services if my own name server goes down. But if my name server is down, then chances are EVERYTHING at Feedwhip is down. Maybe I should just point everything to me and cut a failure point out of the loop.